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  • Purple Prairie Bug Stuff Lotion


    Keeps mosquitoes and biting insects at bay.  Already bitten? The lotion gives instant relief to itchy bites. Stop children, grown-ups from scratching. Feel the relief!

    Made with insect-repelling pure lemon eucalyptus oil, neem, catnip and lemongrass. DEET free.

    4 oz / 120 ml.

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    Purple Prairie Hand Sanitizer

    $8.00 $5.60

    Have dry hands? Need a hand sanitizer that is also moisturising. A botanical formula of lemon, tea tree and lavender oils to keep hands germ free, without stripping away the natural moisture of the skin. Made with 99% natural ingredients.

    PROMOTION: 30% off

    1 oz. (30 ml.)

  • Gift Bag – Holiday/ Sunscreen/ Lip Balm/ Chevron/ Pink Flamingo/ Medium


    It is so easy to forget, or lose your sunscreen when you are on holiday. Bag it and carry it around with you.  

    The holiday gift bag contains not only Kabana Bali Bloc sunscreen, but also a bottle of Hand Sanitizer and an oh-so-cool Spearmint lip balm, both from Purple Prairie. In a see-through bag for easy reach. 

    At a Special Introductory Price! While stocks last. 


  • Gift Bag – Sunshine/ Sunscreen/ Bug Stuff/ Lip Balm/ Chevron/ Large


    Love the outdoor, don’t leave home without sun protection!

    The gift bag contains the bare necessities for a good day outside: Kabana Bali Bloc, Purple Prairie Bug Stuff lotion, and ooh-so-tasty Purple Prairie Banana Lip Balm made with real banana extracts. All products are 100% Chemical Free. The sunscreen is water resistant and Reef Safe. In a see-through bag for easy access.  

    At a Special Introductory Price! While stocks last. 


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    Prairie Baby Lotion

    $19.90 $14.90

    An unscented body lotion that leaves skin soft and smooth. Made with 99% natural ingredients. Good for babies of all ages!

    PROMOTION: 25% off

    8 oz. pump