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Kabana Bali Bloc SPF 30 (very water resistant) 


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Is zinc-oxide sunscreen safe on children?

Is sunscreen with zinc oxide safe on children?

Zinc oxide is a popular ingredient in chemical-free sunscreens. It is an excellent sun filter, as it gives broad-spectrum protection from the sun’s UV-A and -B radiation. But is zinc oxide safe on children? [More]


Sunscreen of the futureNatural sunscreen of the future: fish slime & shells

Ever wonder why fish don’t get sun burn? The natural sunscreen of the future could well be made from fish slime and shrimp shells. Fish scales, tissues and even the eyes are coated with a slimy substance made of amino acids, called mycosporine…[More]



Effective weight loss for obese kids

Sugar and fructose have an adverse effect on a child’s health and weight. Is it possible for an obese child to lose 1 kg in 10 days by eating less sugar? Researchers from the University of California in San Francisco put 43 obese children on a low-sugar diet…[More]