Story Highlights: Sun Protection


Foot skin cancer, most common in Singapore

One of the most common areas for skin cancer, melanoma to appear in Singapore is on the soles of the feet, according to the National Cancer Centre. Melanoma is the most deadly form of skin cancer. The disease affects one in 200,000 Singaporeans by the age of 55. Prolonged sun exposure is the main cause of melanoma… [More]


WSunscreen_labelshat do SPF, Broad Spectrum, UVA and PA mean?

In Singapore we have MRT, KPE, MOE…acronyms make our lives simpler and presumably, allow us to talk faster. Similarly, sunscreen acronyms simplify what’s on the labels. To get the best sunscreen available, you need to know what you are buying. Here’s a quick guide on understanding sunscreen labels… [More]

How Safe are BB creams?

How Safe are BB creams?

BB creams are all-in-one creams to moisturise, cover blemishes and protect the skin from the sun. So how safe are the ingredients in BB creams? Should you use a BB cream or a sunscreen? [More]