How lightweight are the hats?


Sunday Afternoons & Ecua-Andino Hats are so lightweight that they can be compared to the weight of an egg. On average, one small egg from a hen weighs 51 grammes and a large egg is 73 g or less.

Child play hat_chaparrel


The Sunday Afternoons Kids’ Bucket Hat is lighter than a small egg at 37 g, while the Play Hat is 51 g, as heavy as a small egg.





adventure hat_tan


At 85 g, the Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat weighs slightly more than a large egg.






hat_ecua andinoEcua-Andino Classic Panama Hat and Adrian Hat, each weighs about 65-70g, or the weight of a large egg.




Sunday Afternoons & Ecua-Andino Hats are comfortable to wear. Available in many designs, colours and sizes. See Hats for more.


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