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  • Cricket Hat


    The Cricket Hat — Sunday Afternoons’ widest nylon brim hat — has a 12.7 cm (5″) wide brim for one reason: to give plenty of cool shade when you are out in the sun.

    The mesh vents on the crown allow for ventilation, while the chin strap keeps the hat secure on windy days. The hat repels light rain and is stain resistant. Perfect for watching that cricket match, or a day out on the beach. UPF 50+ certified (mesh vent not rated.)

    Weight: 113 g. / 4 oz.

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  • Eclipse Cap


    Always misplacing your cap? Not this one. With a clamshell brim, the Eclipse Cap can be folded to a quarter of its size for an easy stash into the pocket or bag when you don’t need it.

    UPF 50+ rated. Lightweight: 2 oz. / 57 g.

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  • Ecua Andino Adrian Collection – Panama Hats


    Fun and sun protective, go out-and-about town with the Adrian Hat. By day, the Adrian keeps the head and eyes protected from the sun. By night, look just as good as you zip about town with friends.

    Available in different colours and bands. A genuine Panama Hat. Lightweight: 65 g. / 2.3 oz.

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    FREE DELIVERY within Singapore. 

  • Ecua Andino Black & White Panama Hat


    Whether you are zipping through town for work or meetings, leisurely sipping coffee at a cafe, or traveling to see new sights, stay cool and trendy in the sun with the Adrian Hat. In black and white tone, the hat is easy to wear and will match any style and mood. Bring a little panache and fun to your daily activities!

    A genuine Panama Hat.  

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  • Ecua Andino Classic Panama Hat in Red


    Brighten your wardrobe with the classic Panama Hat in red. Enjoy plenty of cool shade, yet turn up the heat wherever you go with the red collection. Available in two shades: Rouge & Wine.

    Breathable and lightweight hat: 70 g  / 2.5 oz. A genuine Panama Hat.

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    Eligible for FREE DELIVERY within Singapore. Limited pieces.


  • Ecua Andino Rose – Panama Hat


    Look Pretty in Pink with the Adrian Rose Hat. In a pretty pink hue & with a tiramisu-coloured band, the Rose Hat is fun to wear and sun protective. 

     A genuine Panama Hat. Lightweight: 65 g. / 2.3 oz.

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  • Solar Bucket Hat


    This classic, timeless hat gives you ample sun protection and would never go out of style. With a down-sloping, 3″ (7.6-cm) wide brim, the Bucket Hat shields the face, eyes and ears from the sun. When the wind picks up, the chin strap and cord lock keep the hat secure. UPF 50+ certified. Ideal for hiking, fishing, travel or everyday wear.

    Lightweight: 2.4 oz. / 68 g. 

    Available in Chaparral green only. More colours available soon.

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  • Sport Hat


    Match your travel gears with an ultra-light hat.

    The Sport Hat has a brim that stylishly extends around the sides, and overlaps the rear veil to cover the back of the neck. The hat gives excellent sun protection, without blocking the peripheral view of the greens or waterway. Made for active wear. certified UPF 50+

    Lightweight: 2.2 oz. / 62 g.

    Available colour: Sand only. Other colours are sold out, more available soon.

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  • Sprinter Cap


    Love to run? The Sprinter Cap has an extra-wide 3 1/4″ brim (8.3  cm) to shield the face, cheeks and eyes from the sun when you are out running.

    The honey-comb mesh fabric is quick dry, moisture wicking and comfortable. UPF 50+ rated.

    Lightweight: 3 oz. / 85 g.

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  • Sun Guide Cap


    Stay cool and protected in the sun whether you run, hike, bike, fish, kayak or travel.

    A versatile cap that matches the activity you do. With flo-tru panels, the cape not only protects you from the sun and dust but also lets in air, so that you stay breezy.  Don’t need the cape anymore? Detach the cape and the Sun Guide becomes a regular cap.

    What’s more? With a foldable brim, tuck the Sun Guide in your pocket and pull it out as when you need. Easily, the most innovative leg innovative legionnaire style cap around. UPF 50+ certified.

    Lightweight: 3.3 oz / 94 g. (inclusive of cape)

    Available in Juniper only. More colours available soon.

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  • Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat


    Sunday Afternoons’ best-seller, the Adventure Hat, gives the most comprehensive UV protection available in any sun hat.

    The crescent-moon shaped brim extends around the sides to protect the eyes, nose, lips, cheeks and ears from the sun, while the rear veil covers the back of the neck. Designed for active outdoor wear, the hat is UPF 50+ certified, repels light rain and is equipped with an adjustable string to secure the hat to the head on windy days.

    Lightweight: 85 g. / 3 oz.

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